Dont Get Too Depressed, MSU Football Is Average

Having been a Michigan State fan for quite some time it's failry easy to get upset at the consistent failures of the Football team.  Performing much better than expectations for the past two seasons had given many a Spartan fan hope that this year the tide was finally about to turn for football in the state of Michigan.  With the program down in Ann Arbor heading injto tailspin, this would be the year State would rise back to the prominence once held in the 50's and 60's and reclaim football glory.  Sadly this all came crashing down with a defeat to Central Michigan early in the season, ushering in with it the memories of the previous 19 seasons.

When looking back at the previous 19 season MSU has enjoyed only a fleeting success having sustained only two seasons in which the football team posted consecutive +.500 records, those took place in the previous two seasons.  More often than not MSU has been a six win football team.  In only 7 of the previous 19 seasons has MSU won more than 6 games, and those seasons usually tilted heavily towards upper classmen filled rosters.


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 Given the slight setback this year and a roster full of younger offensive players, the team should rebound and return to where they were in the 2007 and 2008 seasons as a 7 or 8 win team, given the relative weakness of the Big Ten Conference, should we as fans expect more than that? Probably not.  What is the big take away here then?  MSU Football is average so don't let them ruin your weekend like they have so many of mine for the past 12 years.