Time For Some Change

IMG_1467, originally uploaded by Andrew Sprung.

The photo you see here is Seattle at nightfall. Having taken a number trips there is past two years I couldn't help but think that I could surely see myself living there someday. Well...that time has come. After much thought, deliberation and careful consideration I have decided to take the show on the road and relocate to Seattle.

Having visited most recently in November I was able to spend an extended amount of time hanging out in the city with some of my friends I have met while working at ZAAZ. My friend Justin was more than gracious enough to let me crash at his place with an extended workcation/Detroit Lions game visit that was one of the best trips I had taken all year.

Of course it rained, but it had rained on my previous three trips (Bonnaroo Festival, Rothbury Festival, Silver Lake) in 2009 too! After spending 6 days there I really didn't want to leave. There was something about the place that just clicked with me.  Having lived in Michigan for 28 years and not lived outside of a 100 mile radius of Detroit, I had come to the conclusion that this was the place for me and so the pursuit to relocate began.

Luckily I work with some amazing people both here in Detroit and in Seattle that were willing to make something work in order for me to be happy.  I will be living with some old friends of mine from back here in Michigan so the transition will be easy.  I will continue to work with ZAAZ supporting all of my colleagues here in Detroit to ensure we continue to do great work for our client here in Detroit.

With all that being said....Seattle here I come.....