Matt Lieber Is Not To Be Trusted

IMG_0570, originally uploaded by Andrew Sprung.

People of Denver beware! When this man tells you "the check is in the mail" he is most likely telling you a lie. I have never met a more untrustworthy, lying, despicable bastard in my life. You think you do the guy a favor and sell him some gently used video game equipment at a discount rate and he will pay you. BIG Mistake! I wont even get into the time when he ate Jesse Bommarito's Ice cream only because he thought it was mine.  This man has a track record of deceit and treachery and it is high time someone alerts the general public to his activity.

Jimmy has been dispatched to Denver to take care of the "lieber problem" retrieve my money and exact mafia style revenge on this scoundrel.


Note: Lieber is actually not a bastard, he may be a cross dressing, transexual liberal but he is not a bastard