Rochester,MN to Billings, MT via Heather Murdock and Sioux Falls, SD (Day Two)

Wind Farms, originally uploaded by Andrew Sprung.

Day two of the trip started off bright and early as passing out night before left me very well rested to continue on towards Seattle. When i started down the highway I had yet another bright idea!! Knowing that my friend Heather was currently living in Sioux Falls, SD; I decided to call her on a few hours notice and surprise her by swinging into Sioux Falls and paying her lovely self a visit.

Making great time, I was able to get to Sioux Falls early enough to spend a decent amount of time catching up. It was really nice to see Heather, as our hanging out has been few and far between since we both graduated and moved on from Michigan State in 2007. The stop was also a welcome break from driving through hours and hours of wind farms in central Minnesota and South Dakota.

Having spent an hour or so with Heather and getting ample driving rest, it was time to continue on with the journey. Like with the girls in Chicago, if I had known that I would get to Seattle as quickly as I did, I would have stayed and hung out much longer in Sioux Falls with Heather and her boyfriend John, but not being a good judge of time, I forged on ahead towards Billings.....