Driving from Detroit to Chicago (Day 1)

The move to Seattle began not so early during this past Tuesday. I had packed the Saturn Vue to its fullest on Monday night; with a Hot Tub Time Machine break afterwards. Embarking upon my journey I made a point to stop over and see the ZAAZ Chicago Girls as well as the always lovely Sarah Pinto. This was my first stop of the day after leaving Madison Heights, so I made it a long one since it was a beautiful 70 degree day.

Quite simply The Chicago girls are a very fun time and I didn't want to leave!  I contemplated staying and drinking for the rest of the day; and if I would have known that driving to Seattle would have been the most boring thing in the universe I probably would have brought one of them to keep me company.  However I was attempting to keep to a driving schedule so I had my lunch, drank a beer and continued the drive to Rochester, MN.  Leaving was not the easiest thing for me as it struck me that there was no turning back at this point and that it was going to be a very boring and lonely drive the rest of the way.  

The drive would commence through the boring countryside of Wisconsin. If rural areas of that place are God's country, he must be playing some kind of cruel joke on those people. On to Rochester!