I was here for a moment...then I was gone

It's been a year since my grandma has been gone from this place...I miss her everyday, more than I have missed anyone in my life...I have her picture on my dresser as a reminder of the person that I need to be in this life...

This was the email I wrote to my coworkers when I came back home after being told the news by my dad, never had I felt so sad in my life...it was only a year ago..but it seems like only yesterday..

To My ZAAZ Family,

It’s with a heavy heart, tear filled eye and deep pain in my stomach in which I send this note along.. 

Yesterday my Grandma Herron passed away at the age of 70 after struggling these past few months with complications with dialysis and various other health ailments; it was finally time for her finish her life’s journey and pass on.  Having spent a majority of my childhood living only two blocks away from my grandparents this has been especially tough for me as it was not uncommon for me to see her if not every day every other day walking home from school or watching me when my parents were at work or the countless trips up-north with her and my grandpa for weeks at a time just to get away from the city in the summer time.  My love of the Detroit Tigers and baseball in general is because she was the biggest fan, screaming and hollering at every hit, homerun and defensive play; plus she would let me stay up late to watch when my parents wouldn’t!


A lot of who I am today is because of her instilling a strong moral compass within me to make the right decisions and to help others when you can, and to be charitable and compassionate towards others.  I know we all can’t live forever I guess I just never imagined having any milestone in my life happen without her there to watch, she was very proud the day I got this job and was the first person I gave my business card to; I had never had a prouder moment.  It was getting more difficult for her these past few months but her feistiness and determination were ever present having surgery this only past Thursday to prolong her wonderful existence, but it was finally time for the pain to subside.  I just wish I was there to say goodbye and say I love you one final time….


I just wanted to share this with everyone because you guys are just as much a family to me as my own