Post from the Road: Los Angeles

Driving to Los Angeles last weekend there was a lot of "think time" built in as I tore down I-5 in a frantic attempt to escape the cold of Seattle for the warmth of Southern California in my road ready and battle tested Saturn Vue.  A mighty fine and capable automobile I might add; model year 2008, less than 50K miles and a fresh set of Goodyears', the ol girl sure is humming along great!   Back to the topic at hand...thinking and vacation time.  

This is the first instance I've had with uninterupted time off in which to do nothing and turn my brain off in several years and let me tell you, having days off with absolutely noting to do has been pretty fantastic.  I can see why people do this type of thing and do it frequetly based on all the folks I see milling around these parts during the mid afternoon.  All in all, I've spent the early part of the week lounging around Marc's Southern California Bro Compound with little complaint. 

I have done some of my favorite things so far. 

  1. Wash My Car
  2. Drink Beer from local Brewery
  3. Enjoy Sunshine
  4. Visit seedy drinking establishment in questionable part of town
  5. Take long walk around neighborhood in order to continue my Fitbit dominace over friendly rivals
  6. Take photos of myself drinking coffee.
  7. Be in California 

When I will come back, who knows.  I will probably begin that trek Saturday or Sunday  depnding on state of mind (Sunday if i am Crazy).  Until then there will be much in the way of turkey deep frying and fun having.  Pictures of which I am sure you will see.  For now, enjoy this... 

Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory