Olympic National Park > San Francisco > Steamboat Springs... what a week!

Some of us had a hell of a week last week! (Me)  With taking the visitors from Los Angeles camping in the Olympic National Forest, traveling to San Francisco for work and then rolling onto Steamboat Springs for the wedding of one Matthew Lieber, it was quite the busy week for me.  

It was a rare week that I was able to see a good portion of my friends from LA, San Francisco and Michigan all within the span of 10 days.  It's amazing that so much time can pass between seeing your friends and loved ones and yet it feels like no time has passed at all.  I am very greatful (#blessed) for the time I was able to spend with everyone during this crazy week of travel.  It goes without saying that this trip on trip on trip craziness will probably never happen again, so the short term exhaustion was well worth it.

To friends!