October 2014: The Travel Continues

In the last few weeks I've been lucky enough to travel to several places and re-unite with friends that I haven't seen for some time. First up this month was Los Angeles, CA.  

Having a free weekend and cheap airplane ticket, rather than hang out in the rainy Pacific Northwest; I chose to visit the friends in sunny Southern California and in doing so I attained the worst sunburn for a guy who only sees about 62 days of sun per year.  However as you can see below I made the right choice that weekend despite the amazing sunburn that carried around for a few weeks.  In making this trip I was able to reconnect with a few friends that I havent seen in a few years and hang out with sweet boy Marc! Win Win Win. 

Turning around just one week later, Sam and I embarked on a work trip to London, England. Having already spent some time in London, I stayed away from the touristy type things and focused on getting to know the local area in and around my hotel and the Expedia office.  Needless to say there were a few bars that we became quite acquainted with during the week.  Had a wonderful week bonding with current co workers and meeting folks who've I worked with for quite some time now, but have never met in person. Also during this trip I was able to reconnect with Laura and finally meet Marilena whom I had worked with for years but was never able to meet in person until now.   All in all afun week of travel!